God I Thought I Knew, The


Michael Talaga grew up as Catholic as they come. A product of parochial school, he was well versed in the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church and was careful to obey them. He was a Catholic’s Catholic. But then he met Jesus face to face. The screen between the confessor and the Priest was removed, and Michael’s life changed forever.The God I Thought I Knew is the book you’ve been waiting for. Without being offensive, it clearly delineates the differences between Catholic doctrine and having a relationship with Jesus Christ, and does so from the point of a man who once was a devoted Catholic and now has a passion for his people.Whether you’re taking a walk back through your own Catholic childhood or gaining a new understanding of the lives of the Catholics you know, you are sure to find the stories and insights of Michael Talaga amusing and challenging. Without haughtiness or pretense, he will help you to see where the Catholic doctrine differs from the Word of God and explain why his choice to follow Jesus meant a break from the only church he had ever known. B123

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